Monday, November 27, 2006

The 100th Post!

A boring title, yet today marks the 100th post here on my Designer Line blog. I will bore you with 100 interesting, or perhaps not so interesting facts about myself.

001. I dont like touching raw meat.
002. I dont like getting up early.
003. My favorite vegetable is broccoli.
004. My least favorite vegetable are brussel sprouts.
005. I am paranoid.
006. I have a shoe closet.
007. I carry my laptop around with me all of the time.
008. I love the sound of the football crowd at the University of Oklahoma on game days.
009. I miss playing the cello.
010. I miss ballet.
011. I would complete architecture school all over again.
012. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Im proud.
013. I hate to wear makeup, even if others think that Im lazy.
014. I love snowy days.
015. I enjoy finding lots of earwax on my qtip.
016. I can eat black olives all day long.
017. I have never sent a post card to Post Secret
018. I dont like storebought cake.
019. I love home made clothes.
020. I dread Mondays.
021. I cant wait for Fridays.
022. I dislike basketball games.
023. The whole reason I went to graduate school was to learn about lighting. I only got one course.
024. I love my friends and would do anything for them.
025. My best year was when I was 25.
026. Im 29 now and dread the thought of 30.
027. I dislike going to the grocery store watching people with baskets of food use an Axess card to pay.
028. My favorite color is pink.
029. I have a lucky scarf.
030. I will use fine china for the hell of it.
031. I bought a bird feeder for my cat so she will have something to entertain her during the day.
032. I believe that falling leaves mean that Christmas is almost here.
033. I still believe in Santa Claus.
034. I dont like screaming children when Im out trying to shop.
035. I dont like screaming children (period).
036. Ive only once BS'd my way through something.
037. I love christmas ornaments. They are something to collect without having to have space to display all year round.
038. I love sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting on top.
039. I have bad road rage.
040. I love women who rock (like nancy wilson, madonna, and courtney love).
041. People tell me that I have a mean "go to hell" look.
042. I love to sleep in on saturdays.
043. I procrastinate most of the time.
044. I wish I could be as bold as Samantha.
045. I love the winter.
046. I enjoy making pancakes.
047. I love flannel sheets.
048. I love flannel sheets with something fun on them like penguins.
049. I love penguins.
050. I wish I were a fabulous seamstress.
051. I often wish I could have the energy I had when I was 21.
052. Ive always wanted to design a restaurant.
053. I wish I could snap my fingers and make certain people dissapear.
054. I love to spoil my cat, Tula.
055. The week between Christmas and the New Year is my favorite week.
056. I love to cook for others.
057. I think that other people have a better smile than I do.
058. I have nearly 150 pairs of shoes.
059. I enjoy watching expensive automobiles being towed from Handicapped parking spaces.
060. I love receiving alot of mail in one day, even if most of it happens to be bills.
061. I check my email about 5 times a day.
062. My dream vacation is an Alaskan cruise.
063. I want to design a chair in my career, and I want for it to become coveted like the Barcelona chair.
064. I did not like being a sister growing up.
065. I like being a sister now.
066. The Rock is number 1 on my list of famous celebrities to hook up with.
067. I wish I had big hair.
068. I am glad that I gave into getting a cat for a pet.
069. I hate it when bad things happen to good people and I cant do anything about it.
070. I cannot pass up chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes.
071. I love thanksgiving for the holiday pay, but I dread it at the same time.
072. My goal in life is to have a big long dining table with fabulous seating and china on top - with lots of friends and family gathered around.
073. I miss christmas caroling.
074. I think ladybugs are cute.
075. I have no regrets.
076. I enjoy red wine on weekends.
077. I was born in 1977.
078. I dont know if my scholarly efforts will ever be worth anything.
079. I do not want to have children.
080. I think cloudy days produce the best light outside.
081. I love to sleep in on rainy days and just listen to the thunder.
082. Im not afraid of tornadoes.
083. I think that tex-mex food is underrated.
084. I love being the hostess.
085. I rarely enjoy being the guest.
086. I think women who wear glasses are sexy.
087. I dont like unpainted toenails on people.
088. I dont like my belly button poked.
089. My favorite designer is Karim Rashid.
090. I think people who often write lists are interesting
091. I would be lost without a blog. I dont know what I ever did without it before I discovered it.
092. I enjoy taking bubble baths when I am sick with a fever.
093. I enjoy shopping at Target and Williams Sonoma.
094. I enjoy sweet treats that taste like lemon.
095. I love to go to the movies.
096. I dont get to go to the movies very often.
097. I think that "fabulous" is a fabulous word.
098. I want to live in chicago, anchorage, traverse city, michigan and new york before I die.
099. I have high expectations in life.
100. Nothing beats hot apple pie with braums vanilla ice cream on top.

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