Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bee bop a bee bop a...

Well its been a mere 11 days since marriage - I dont feel much different now. Started work again on Monday after spending a fabulous week in the very cultural and architectural city of Chicago. Too many fun things to do there. Saw some great buildings and structures, went to a fabulous museum or two, and had anything I wanted to eat in Greektown! It was a blast, but a long drive back home.

I spent most of my weekend getting the house put back in order. It was something short of a disaster area - the back bedroom was filled with unopened gifts and projects that I was working on throughout last semester. I do have to give myself props for everything though, not to brag, of course, but yet I did 9 hours of broken up courses last semester, worked my full time 40 hour job, took on a graduate assistantship at UCO to earn extra cash as well to help pay for the wedding, and I still made it through sane as can be, and managed to hang onto my 4.0 gpa. I have to be proud. My new husband is still working out of the state, so its same old same old with him being gone during the week. Maybe that is why I got more completed? I dont even know. I do know that the wedding turned out fabulous - just as I imagined and expected. There were a few minor things that didnt go quite right. Some didnt get their corsage or butonniere, some didnt sign the guest signing board. Just little things. The printer printed my envelopes that I had done for thank you cards incorrectly. I picked them up during the chaos of the last week of december didnt even look at them. Began writing some thank you notes. Put one in, and alas, my parents names and address. Sure they can send thank you's out, but that would just be wrong of me to go ahead and use them, and at the fault of the printer. They will be replacing them for me this week. I did have to call and order more envelopes though.
Still paying a few last minute bills from everything too, but I think its worth it. It was great.

Well off to sleep for tonight - I didnt sleep much in the last month, so Im in catch up mode now!


Dorothy Cady said...

Hi Melissa,

I just wanted to say congratulations on the wedding. I'm very happy for you. It was fun for me to take a class with you last term while you were preparing for it, and then to see that it has all happened. Yahoo!


Ms. M said...

Dorothy - I just found this comment here... thanks for the kudos and such! I just wish I could remember more of the night that I spent so long to plan for!!!