Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dum dum de dum...

Its sunday once again... my typical and pleasant choice for a day of writing on my blog. Ive signed up for a blogging course for next semester. I think that it will be most fun and exciting. Im really glad that I have learned about blogs, because I have found quite a few interesting ones at that.

8 weeks until the big day. Everything is almost ready - the registry is done, favors 50% complete, and all of the locations booked. Invitations will be ready this week, and will be set to go out next week. I need to buy stamps this week and hopefully will get my monthly stipend for being a GA before thanksgiving. Im excited about having a New Year's Eve wedding, and then having a fabulous reception at the penthouse of a 14 storey building in the midst of downtown Tulsa. It is a day we all dream about, I just hope that everything goes according to plan.

We have to go for pre-marital counseling the weekend following Thanksgiving. There will also be a shower that day, and Im very much looking forward to that. Im excited about all of the new things that we have registered for that will make our lives fun and exciting. Im really excited about the china pattern we chose. It is a Vera Wang by Wedgewood - Pink Duchesse pattern. It is fabulous.

I cant wait to entertain with it. I do plan to use it and not let it just sit in a china cabinet for fifty years :) I hope it gets well used, and that we have a lifetime of holidays and fun with it.

We have been together for 3 years so far, and each day gets more interesting. Some days we laugh and some days we cry. But in the end, we are best friends and we know how to love.

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