Monday, August 08, 2011

Twenty-nine plus five...

It's my birthday. Again. the big 34 - but I am planning to claim 29+5 this year instead. Had a great weekend with friends and goodies - that is what life is all about!

Friday evening, got to go to dinner with Knitterista. We shared an awesome bottle of wine called Marco Negri. It was the most amazing bubbly white I've ever tasted. I am hooked. It was very good with our Upper Crust Jimmy the Greek Pizza and Mediterranean Salad.

An excellent start to my birthday weekend, she handed me a fabulous little pouch. Inside, a killer recycled magazine bead necklace. What a great way to be green!

Birthday Gift

Sealed With a Kiss

Recycled Magazine Bead Necklace

Saturday evening, got to meet up with good friends at Red Robin. Always a fun atmosphere. We had good laughs and some funny birthday cards came about so I'll share:

Inside: "Cheers to you on your birthday!"

lol - if you know my OCD, then you will get this...

Inside: "Don't drink and dress."

Evil Tula Kitty Card
Inside: "We're at that perfect age - somewhere between
sweet sixteen and 'none of your business'!

Following dinner, we all went for a 30 minute Ironman game of laser tag at Laser Quest. We all had a blast, and some took it a little more serious than others... It has been a great weekend.
Makes turning 29+5 much easier.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Design Humor

A little architectural humor to start your day...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Penguin Paradise

A couple of weeks ago, a suspicious package was delivered by the Postal Woman. Inside, were the ingredients for the "coolest" weekend I've had in a long time. I was introduced to the love of penguins as a child, by our kid-sitter Joy. She passed on her collection of stuffed penguins when they were retired from her possession. There were dozens of them, including a battery operated penguin slide.

I never thought I would actually get to meet a penguin up close and personal, but thanks to the Penguin Adoption Program and the related Valentine events at the Fort Worth Zoo in Dallas, Texas, it became a reality!

The package includes two stuffed penguins, an adoption certificate, good for one year, two photographs; one African Penguin, and one Rockhopper Penguin; brunch for two adults, and two zoo admission passes. I have to say that for the price and for the fun, it is a great way to provide food for the penguins and other animals for a whole year!

The gallery had eight tables set with black linens, candlelight, and a centerpiece of paper flowers and marshmallow hearts. There were "mocktails" called Hearts Spritzer. The buffet menu was amazing as well. Definitely something for everyone.

The Penguins soon followed. Much smaller and way more cute than I ever expected, I was immediately thinking that this whole event was what P!nk refers to "too School for Cool".

Jack is a Rockhopper Penguin from New Zealand. He is 15 years old, and has been featured on the Jay Letterman show, and has been exposed to much publicity in his life. He was also about 15 inches high, and was cruising through walking around like he owned the place. And he did.
Jack the Rockhopper

His mate was the center of the photo op that was set up for guests as well. She is 3 years old.
Posing with the Penguin
Following the initial brunch, was a game. It was the "Newly Wild Game" in which three couples were called front and center to expose personal information about their love lives. The first couple have been married for about 14 years, and were high school sweethearts. The second couple has been together for five years, but never engaged, and the third couple have been married for three years.

The topics of the game would make anyone blush, but mating rituals of the animals were exposed as well, and we were even introduced to several different animals from the zoo. Owls, Alligators, Birds, and even a dog that protects farm life from animal attacks from Mountain Lions.

During the game, the second couple got engaged... they even won the game too!

I would highly recommend this program and event to anyone who can get there next year! It was much better than I ever anticipated, and was well planned and emceed.

Get the flash player here:

Following the brunch, we headed out to check out the Zoo. I have heard it is one of the finest in the country. I have to say that it is very aesthetically pleasing, and I felt like the animals that are housed there are very well taken care of and have fun areas to roam around in. The general paths and infrastructure of the zoo was well planned and well maintained too.

I enjoyed all of the exhibits, however the flamingos were amazing as were the lion and lioness who were happily playing, and the gorillas too. The penguin exhibit though was very cool, as I have not seen one since I visited the aquarium in Boston several years ago.

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valentine penguin photo credit and brunch menu by the Fort Worth Zoo.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Forecast: Snow. Remedy: Shop!

Snow Snow Snow. White Blizzard, Flakes, Ice, Snowpocalypse 2011; Part Deux. It is hovering above and nudging at the windows as we type.

So what is there to do when you're snowed in and cabin fever is prancing in your mind? Online shop? Build Snowmen? Bake? Check. Will think about it. Everyone bought all of the baking stuff... so that leaves shop online.

Etsy has been a long standing favorite place to shop. They always have something perfect for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, and holiday. Even little goodies for yourself. The best thing is that everything is handmade... mostly unique; and even though I have paid for something I did not receive onetime it is still a favorite place to peruse.

Here are some of my favorites in case you were wondering. Enjoy the snow. I mean, online shopping during the snow.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mid Century Guru

Even though I can always call my local Herman Miller Representative for a tour of the showroom, I have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming George Nelson Exhibition at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

It was when we stopped by to visit the "From Sketch to Screen" exhibit in the summer of 2010 that we saw the poster in the lobby. George Nelson, creator of the Marshmallow Sofa, my all time favorite Coconut Chair, and

George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa

the Cigar pendant luminaire; among others, of course. I think it will be a site to see vintage models of the furniture, or perhaps originals even. I fully admit that it is always delightful to see the pieces of furniture that we studied in school, and the designers that left us their legacies.
George Nelson Cigar Pendant

I think it is wonderful too that we have a museum facility right here in Oklahoma City that caters many fine showings of art and collaborations. I think Oklahoma City is truly an up and coming place. They even show some really great films too!

Now if only the snow would clear up so I can finally get there!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Dark Mist Glowing

For the last week or so, we have received word that the ultimate blizzard, or "snowpocalypse" would be rolling in to leave a lifeless city with many church, school and municipal closings. In preparation, I ran errands; to the bank, grocery store, and then to the liquor store. What is a snow day without a glass of Merlot?

I finally looked outside to find a wonderland of blizzard and winter storm mix. Breathtaking, yet
I have not seen anything like it in a very long time, since Christmas of 2009 I believe. The weathermen on the television are saying that this is the worst winter storm ever in Oklahoma, and that it has set a new record. I don't even recall anything like this when I was younger.

Snow Pile

I spent my afternoon watching old movies and chick flicks I have not seen in awhile;
Cinderella. Clueless.
Superstar. The occasional weather update and sappy movies on Lifetime, cleaning house and rocking out to the Black Keys.

What better to do on a day when you cannot get out and do something? Stay safe and warm everyone! It will surely clear up soon.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

With Friends Surrounding

I have not been feeling well lately and have been inside with sick days and snow days. It was time to get out to make my way beyond the queasiness.

Last night I attended a lovely dinner with some great friends at the new Sauced on Paseo. I used to bake for the little hole in the wall, but I have not been there since it was purchased by a new owner, so when Melissa said she wanted to host her birthday there, it was very welcomed. Their Spartacus Pizza with feta cheese, tomatoes, bell pepper, and other Mediterranean goodness there rocks, just FYI. They also have awesome salads. Eat Local!

A birthday, some nice laughter with friends, discussion of heart break, and two sparkling grapefruit Izze beverages later, I was told that I have many stories. Perhaps it took longer for me to find my inner rebel in life than most people do, but I am satisfied. No longer naive, no longer agreeable, and no longer just schlepping while life passes by. I keep reminding myself that it is time to actually live life and to scale back on the studying and to dream of more goals, too...