Saturday, January 22, 2011

With Friends Surrounding

I have not been feeling well lately and have been inside with sick days and snow days. It was time to get out to make my way beyond the queasiness.

Last night I attended a lovely dinner with some great friends at the new Sauced on Paseo. I used to bake for the little hole in the wall, but I have not been there since it was purchased by a new owner, so when Melissa said she wanted to host her birthday there, it was very welcomed. Their Spartacus Pizza with feta cheese, tomatoes, bell pepper, and other Mediterranean goodness there rocks, just FYI. They also have awesome salads. Eat Local!

A birthday, some nice laughter with friends, discussion of heart break, and two sparkling grapefruit Izze beverages later, I was told that I have many stories. Perhaps it took longer for me to find my inner rebel in life than most people do, but I am satisfied. No longer naive, no longer agreeable, and no longer just schlepping while life passes by. I keep reminding myself that it is time to actually live life and to scale back on the studying and to dream of more goals, too...

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