Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Dark Mist Glowing

For the last week or so, we have received word that the ultimate blizzard, or "snowpocalypse" would be rolling in to leave a lifeless city with many church, school and municipal closings. In preparation, I ran errands; to the bank, grocery store, and then to the liquor store. What is a snow day without a glass of Merlot?

I finally looked outside to find a wonderland of blizzard and winter storm mix. Breathtaking, yet
I have not seen anything like it in a very long time, since Christmas of 2009 I believe. The weathermen on the television are saying that this is the worst winter storm ever in Oklahoma, and that it has set a new record. I don't even recall anything like this when I was younger.

Snow Pile

I spent my afternoon watching old movies and chick flicks I have not seen in awhile;
Cinderella. Clueless.
Superstar. The occasional weather update and sappy movies on Lifetime, cleaning house and rocking out to the Black Keys.

What better to do on a day when you cannot get out and do something? Stay safe and warm everyone! It will surely clear up soon.

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