Friday, January 21, 2011

The Nights of Wonder

The whole "what's your sign" zodiac speak popped up in conversation just the other evening. Perhaps it was the recent articles in the news regarding the 13th sign that brought it to surface.

Much of the media hyped it all up and threw it out of proportion when we woke up on January 13th with a "new" 13th sign. For myself, one who do not regularly follow a daily horoscope, I had a few moments of Leo withdrawal when I learned my actual birth date was no longer included in Leo, but Taurus rather.

Once a Leo, always a Leo; but our discussion reminded me of a book that one of my very best friends gave to me a long time ago: How to Spot a Bastard by His Star Sign. The funny thing about this book in all of its darkness and as some have referred to its "horrorscopes", is that when comparing the descriptions to certain people I have come across in my life, mysteriously they are more often than not right on. In a most humorous approach, of course.

Live for the moment. Wait for the signs, maybe even steer clear of the signs. And get your daily horoscope here.

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