Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Taste Was Sweeter

Friday evening, we celebrated a birthday. A yearly tradition, and unable to avoid it, it was the 39th celebration for this certain someone. I remember when he turned 35 even... my my how time does go by. We went to a lovely feast at Chelino's in Bricktown, and then for dessert and coffee at the Melting Pot. This has become seemingly a favorite place of gathering for all of us. We sat around chocolate fondue with Bailey's Irish Cream, and a new one we have not tried before, Smores.

This past weekend, I traveled to visit one of my very best friends and to participate in her annual re-gifting party, where "one person's trash could be another's treasure." I love this idea, but I have never attended in the past, but this year I did. Just the night before however, I was telling my girlfriend that I did not know what to take, because this Christmas I really had no complaints. She immediately gave me the solution - The Booty Pop.

Regift Party 2011

I went with anticipation of coming home with something really gnarly, but with all of the beautifully wrapped packages, and Christmas sweaters, how could there be anything so wrong?! There were indeed some delightful and crazy things that people received for Christmas. Among them, a suction cup grab bar for the shower, a snuggie, a home-made apron (which I received), a little girl's purse, a novel titled "Steak", and even an alarm clock that looked like a chicken. There were many giggles and raised eyebrows, too.

I had a great time though, and am definitely looking forward to next year's event. And on a side note, I am so proud of the hostess with the mostess. She truly showed me her full inner Martha Stewart.

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