Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Light Was Brighter

Yesterday evening was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in awhile. It was very colorful. I guess it would be fair to say that I have not witnessed many sunrises or sunsets lately, so maybe it is time to stop and take something into appreciation. God's own reminder to me that the week was over.

Today I visited the final day of the Creativity World Biennale Exhibits hosted by Artspace at Untitled. I think all of the visual arts presented in these installations are very interesting, simple, and are captured by several artists who appear to have the same intent.

One exhibit though that I had failed to pay too much attention to in the past is one that is very much worthy. Brian Eyerman's color changing acrylic dowels or fiber optics. I stared for several minutes as the projector behind changed colors and the edges lit up. I have always been attracted to sparkly things, glitter, and shine; but this was mesmerizing.

"Out of the Box"
Out of the Box

Out of the Box

All in all, I am happy about participating as a volunteer for the exhibit as a whole, experiencing it, finding a new reaction to each installation, each time I saw them.

The Creativity World Biennale, 2010

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