Friday, November 04, 2005

School and Work - do they really mix?

I havent posted in awhile, so I felt that today was the perfect day to do so. Im taking my envelopes to be printed today so that I can send out the wedding invitation mid-November. Ive got the whole thing engineered out - it will be fabulous.

Im going to Tulsa tomorrow to do alot of things. My friend who has been on bedrest for the last few months had her baby earlier this week - so Im going to go and see how she is doing and meet little Liam.

Im also going to swing by the grandmother's house to see her - she sent a letter the other day, she is 86 tomorrow, and said she is now feeling her age. It breaks my heart to hear this. She has done alot of things in her lifetime and has seen more than I will ever experience. The great depression, race riots, feeding her family, an arranged marriage. It goes on and on. She said she has a fig tree for me too - its more of an indoor plant until it reaches a certain measurement. It means alot though because my great grandmother brought it from Greece when she came to the United States in 1908. I thought that was cool.

Im having a hard time making it through the semester - so many things to be done, and just plum not enough time to do them in. I need to not sleep for the next three weeks and I will be fine.

Ive also been dieting, and have reached my 30 pound mark now. I fit into my shocking pink pants today!!! Im wearing them proudly at this time.

Work is same old same old. Busy and then not so busy. Typically not a whole lot going about at this time of year. Mostly a slow period - but that is ok - I have time to get other things wrapped up for the wedding. Not a big deal.

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