Sunday, October 16, 2005

Moving Right Along

Its officially the last day of my web class. Its sad to see everyone go - I was begging to feel like a part of something, and now its gone. I doubt I would really keep up with anyone - it reminds me of the days when I was seriously addicted to internet chatting on MIRC. I was a channel operator with others and we would meet regularly and talk about getting together and staying friends forever - never happend. None of it. But that is ok - real life is real and we just take one day at a time.

I still have 2 other courses to worry about this semester. Im worried about not making my 4.0 for the semester - I dont want all of my hard work going down the toilet and I still want to graduate with honors when I do graduate. Its awhile yet, but I am moving right along.

I went to the Girlie Show this weekend and volunteered. One of my acquaintences that I work with is one of the Girlies that is a partner in the Girlie Show. Its very eclectic and you see all kinds of things that you normally wouldnt see in Oklahoma anyway. But everything went well with it this year.

I went to another friends house warming last night. I work with her too - she just bought a house and no one has seen it yet so we went for some dinner and tasty beverages. It was a long weekend too, but I was very productive aside from my evening events. I was starting to feel slightly unmotivated, but now I feel like I can keep going with full force. I guess we have to just take a breather now and then.

Until next time,

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