Sunday, January 15, 2006

Same old song and dance

Today is Sunday - I enjoy posting on Sundays because it is technically the end of one week and the start to another. Its like a transition day or something.

I got a new sofa this weekend - really pretty a rich golden brown color - the manufacturer calls it "tiger eye" and such it is, I guess. I compared it to the eye color of Tula, my sweet kitty, and it matches her eye color perfectly. My brother in law went to pick it up for me this morning and brought it by the house. I put Tula in the bedroom so that we could move it in without stepping on her, tripping over her, etc. He left, and I closed the door, and let Tula out of the bedroom. She immediately went over to the sofa and sniffed at it, and wondered where it had come from since it had magically appeared. I was lucky though - I had been scheming this very sofa online, and had gone by the store to take a few duplicate things back from the registry at Pier 1 imports and ended up with lots of store credit. Why not? I thought. I worked the store down an extra 15% too since it was a floor model. It looks great - only a minor scratch on the foot of the sofa, but nothing I cant touch up myself. Im proud of all my bargain shopping finds and successes.

My old sitting peice really took charge of my self esteem - it was an embarassing love-seat in which I purchased during my undergraduate days at OU. No one really cared back then what type of furniture you had and it was cool then - read pleather love seat in Norman, Oklahoma. Ive decided to pass it on to another lucky one who wants it - the son of a friend of my sister. Ive decided to donate to him since he is heading through the architecture program at OU. I have some dishes and pots and pans that I decided to send on with the love seat. I figure if he will come and pick it up, its his.

So this week is the second week of classes, still waiting for the laptop to arrive. Thank goodness that my sister lives within walking distance of my house - its been nice having them around. In fact, we always get together Sunday nights anyhow for watching Desperate Housewives. So I figure I can come and do some of my online homework for the week and watch DH and go home to continue cleaning my house.

I never thought that it could feel like moving in again - with all of the gifts that people have brought, and sent, etc. Ive done more loads of dishwashing this week than I have in the last two months. I havent even started on the bedroom yet - it is something short of a tornado ravaged area in there. That is my goal this week to get it organized though. We got some really nice new bedding, from the office folks, and Im excited to get that unpacked and placed delicately on the bed. Speaking of which I purchased a new bed months ago and the headboard and frame are still in the original packaging in the garage. I guess I just never had time to get to it. I hope that I can get to it before the summer!

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