Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Customer Service.

Ok, so I received my new laptop today. It was here waiting for me when I got into work today. I waited until lunchtime to open it up and see what was inside. I pulled out a battery, and then a nice looking notebook. But where does the battery go? Seems Ive been on hold now and dealing with Dell people for more than an hour now... go figure.

No resolution yet. I did learn though that the additional battery will fit into the same console that the dvd/cd rom drive is. That you would have to remove the cd/dvd drive to use the spare battery - not sure how thrilled with this I am. I should have done more homework on it, but the operating system was fabulous, and is fabulous enough that I may just have to deal with it. I do enjoy watching movies while Im on an airplane or what not. The other laptop we have holds two batteries side by side and allows you to use the cd/dvd rom instead of the floppy disk drive. This is much preferable to me.

Maybe I am stubborn? Ive been transfered to more people in this last hour and a half now than I would like to admit.

My advice is to verify exactly how it works before you buy. When you are on the phone talking with someone while ordering, and looking at it on the computer - well maybe I just missed something, but I was sure that I had all of the information.

Anyhow... I guess it doesnt really matter much, but satisfaction doesnt seem to be guaranteed this time.


Dorothy Cady said...

Hi Melissa,

I hate it when you think you're getting one thing and it turns out not to be what you expected. If nothing else, it's a good reason to try before you buy, isn't it? Unfortunately, that just isn't always possible. Sometimes you just depend on the company's reputation for honesty.

I hope Dell hunts the blogs to see what its customers are saying about them. Maybe they'll do something to improve their service. You shouldn't have to be on the phone for an hour to get a question like that answered.

On the bright side, it sounds like you'll be able to have fun with it. That will be great.


Eryn Whitworth said...

Cingular is a infamous customer service sinner in my book, you have to wait them out if you are on hold for long enough they will give you what you want, so they don't lose you as a customer. I hope the notebook computer works out for you. What do you do at the architecture firm?

Ms. M said...


I do construction drawings and as-built drawings which are drawings of an existing space that we have measured and then communicated as a drawing. I really enjoy my job as I get to travel, and overall is a great learning experience.

Tally said...

Hi Melissa,
I really empathize with you regarding your customer service suffering... I had to contact Compaq customer service once, so that they could send me some disks.. and I had to go through about 10 calls, roughly an hour-long each one, to people in New Delhi who each told me different things (yes, they're sending the discs, no they're not, yes they are, they are but they haven't yet...blah, blah, blah) before I got a decent guy in Canada to tell it to me straight. You're lucky if you're talking to people who work in the United States these days... call me prejudice, or whatever, but I just don't believe that people half-way across the country care about whether I'm getting what I need or not...

Well, I hope you got it all straightened out and are enjoying your computer now!

Ms. M said...

Hi Tally, and thanks for the comment. Sorry you had to deal with a similar situation. During my dell escapades, I did get someone from here in the US who spoke about two words per minute! sheesh! I guess I was just thankful that he could really understand what I was telling him.
I can speak some hindi, I know that india has many different languages within, but even those customer service reps there are not allowed to speak other than english when talking with somone in the US. so much for trying to learn another foreign language even.