Sunday, January 22, 2006


It is once again Sunday, a peaceful day. Ive been fiddling around this afternoon getting more aquainted with my new laptop, finishing up my first essay for my blog class, and have not been successful in accessing the site to turn in the paper. It shouldnt be so difficult, its stressing me out. I have other things that I want to be doing, but cant because I have to get this paper turned in.

I was excited this week to get my blog roll up though, Ive been successful for all of my required tasks for my online classes so far. I do not usually wait to get things turned in at the last minute, and now I know why. I know there are a couple of others with the same difficulties, I think there may be a problem with a server or something somewhere.


Nao said...

I saw how a bunch of people had problems accessing the sites and I felt your pain because like you, I had problems and it frusterated me so badly because I just wanted to turn my essay in...grrr. I finally finished my essay and got it turned in alright! Hopefully you did also! In the future I will definitley try to do my assignments earlier!

Ms. M said...

Hi Nao:

I guess after many hours of messing with it, I determined it wasnt my fault so I took a break and then came back to it later. I did get my essay turned in, and I have lots on my plate for this week too even. Perhaps it will work a little better for us now!