Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Calm After the Storm

Ok so I was pretty upset the other night when I was writing. Ive taken a couple of days to think over all of the things that were going on that were making me unhappy. I had an evening out with the girls this evening to blow off some steam and have a couple cosmos.

I went to petsmart last night for some cat food for Tula, because they have science diet there and that is the only place Ive found so far that carries it. Its cruddy that I cant just get it at the grocery store when I go. But when I do go and buy food, I have to take a look at the latest and greatest cat toys. Tula is definately my "daughter" because she loves anything with feathers and bling, Im tired of her going in my office and attacking my pencil cup which has a couple of feather topped pens in it. So I got her a hot pink boa - I thought it would be fun to use in the next holiday picture for valentines day. I also found this fabulous little flat lounge bed for cats. Its purple on one side and hot pink on the other - its square and quilted and has tassels on each corner. It wasnt too expensive so I went ahead and got it. I put Tula on it and she just lays out like a queen. It will make for a fun valentines day picture Im sure. She loves all of the attention too. So this morning I got up and there were a bunch of feathers torn off of the boa, its not a total loss, there is still fluff to it, but I decided to put it away until I can get to the picture for her, then she can attack it as she pleases.

I took Tula over to my sisters house to play last night while I participated in one of my online classes so they could play - the three of them do the funniest things. They sneak up on each other and swat at each others tails, I wish I could just sit back sometime with a video camera and just capture some of the moments. I dont have all day to sit there and wait for something funny or entertaining to happen, I know if I brought the camera, they would all sit back and catnap.

I had a great time this evening, but am wondering where the time goes. It seems like 5:00 came and went, I didnt even realize that much time went by, we didnt even get out of there until 9:00! I did get involved in the Hornets traffic when I was leaving, there are always tons of people crossing the streets trying to get to their cars. All I wanted to do was get onto I-40 and get home.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog Melissa, and on reading it you sound a little blue, I hope you are okay. We have a bunch of cats at this house, too many if you ask me, but you didn't, and neither did anybody else, which is why we have too many. I am interested in cat names, like Tula, how come? I think these are the names of our cats, in no special order; Taffy, Dai Whiskers, Hooly, Stan, Tippy, Squirty Bum (Aka, Friskie), Mr Marbles, Gatsby, & Tarantula. We have a dog that I named Wobbles, but who we now call Jess for some reason?
You have a great blog, and I will pop in from time to time to add my 3 cents (and you thought that the Ogle's were wealthy). Okieblokie

Ms. M said...

Hi Okieblokie:

Thanks for leaving a comment here! Im sure things will be fine, I guess just getting back into the swing of things and going about day to day life. Can be boring sometimes. Fun names for all of the kitties! I just have one, about all I can handle right now - plus she gets jealous if any other cats come around unless it is her sisters (which both belong to my sister), I got hissed at the other day for talking to a stray cat through the window. I thought it was her window buddy that comes by! Do stop by anytime for a spot of tea, and to drop your three pennies in. - it does stand up to the ogles! ha!