Sunday, January 29, 2006

Damn Passport Photos

Once again it is Sunday - three weeks of classes have gone by so far - it seems like an eternity now though. Desperate Housewives is a rerun. Ive got to go in a few minutes and administer 1/2 CC of some powerful pain medication to all three of the cats, Cassia, Calyx, and of course, Tula.

My sister and I took all three of them to the vet friday to have a typical procedure for female cats taken care of. Tula got mad at me in the car - usually she is a good kitty and sits on my shoulder, however this time she sat in my lap and peed on me. I had to pull over, give Tula to my sister and have her take them all. I rushed home to shower again, and then promptly dropped off my favorite pair of wool pants off at the dry cleaner on my way to work. Ill get them back on Tuesday - clean and free of cat pee. Its pretty yeck even if she is my sweet baby Tula.

I am glad that we got some rain this weekend - I got to sleep in and I feel as though I have gotten caught up since Ive been feeling tired and groggy the last few weeks.

I just looked around my house and it seems like the more I clean the more disasterous it comes to be by Sunday. I always tell my husband that it is him that doesnt clean up after himself, but he insists that it is me - I just cant convince him that it only looks this way when he is here.

I had to work on his passport photos for him since he didnt want to pay a fee to get them taken again professionally. I took them last weekend while he stood up against a wall. I worked the lighting to provide a minimal shadow in which I completely photo-shopped out of the image. The INS - department of Justice rejected the photos last weekend because it wasnt a white background. Im telling you these pictures are the passport pictures from hell. I spent an hour this morning working on removing the offwhite background and replacing it with a white background.

We went to Walmart this evening to print a sheet of them and ended up at Kinkos because the USB port at the kodak picture maker wasnt working. I just bought a new printer with photo quality capabilities but it didnt come with a USB printer cable and I need to locate one of those. Finally at Kinkos, they had to print them out from the front desk because their kiosk wouldnt recognize the USB either. I had saved the file because I was angry at it with a nice choice F word infront of passport, so I had to explain the situation to the Kinko's employee. She took it well, and printed it and we were on our way $1.35 later.

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