Monday, September 04, 2006

Pets and the People they Own

This weekend marks Tula's official year at my house, and as part of the family.

She has been a fabulous addition to the home and has pretty much made it her own anyway.

I never though I would have pet toys, or play areas around the house.

Never thought I would have a bird feeder, or a pet stroller to take her for walks.

Never thought there would be little sparkly balls around, or toys on strings.

Never thought I would be able to clean a litter box, or deal with a hairball... Thanks bissel spotbot!

Never thought that I would go to sleep at night with her sitting on my pillow by my head purring.

Never thought I would love a cat, or bring one into my home.

Tula is my baby and always will be, and I have to say that Im happy to have her, and I hope she is happy to have me too.

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