Sunday, September 24, 2006

Holiday Fever

Its got me, BAD. Its not even October yet, and Im already so engrossed and excited for the holidays. It all starts with Halloween, then on with Thanksgiving, and then my Favorite week of the year, Christmas and the New Year. Its time to get it all together - the menu, the china, and the gifts to give.

I couldnt help this weekend despite the migrain that lasted three days to pull out the Halloween decor. Ive found that my yearly decorative pumpkin collection has grown. Ive got beaded pumpkins, glass, wood, and straw pumpkins.

I got a new witch this year, at the airport in Cincinatti no doubt at a gift shop. She is squirly with a green face and hands. I also found a very cute spider up on eight legs that looks like a black m&m. Ill post photographs later. I look forward to this time of year because its like Christmas, opening the holiday storage boxes and finding the things that were carefully packaged and stored away the year before. I love watching Tula react to the changes around the house- she has to sniff and inspect everything.

Ive made it a point to search for my china pattern - (Vera Wang by Wedgwood) so I can complete the last bit of it that we havent received. There is still a bit to collect, but for the most part, it is in good shape.

Ive also completed the last of the flatware - (Lenox Federal Platinum Frosted) and discovered some new pieces that we were not aware that existed... Our registry center did not include all of the pieces available, such as the iced beverage spoon, or the serving set that includes the lasagna and pie server, a must for any holiday table. I did find an online center that is a dealer for lenox, and have the individual pieces for replacement, or initial purchase as well.

Im excited for Thanksgiving. I hope to play hostess this year to the family, but most of all I cant wait for the half week off of work and school so that I can just sit back with my yearly piece of pie.

I also found a very cool cake pan at Williams Sonoma that I plan to put to good use over the next couple of months as well. It bakes the top and the bottom of a perfect looking pumpkin. There are a few different recipes that can be used with this pan, one is a pumpkin spice cake with a cream cheese icing drizzled over the top.

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