Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Big Break

I enjoy being busy. I have a full time job, two small home businesses, and I go to school. I enjoy the weekends though, but lately Ive been working every day, morning til night. I need a break though - a big break. Perhaps even a short vacation.

Thank goodness its my off week for the pill - at least I dont have to think about that.

There are just a couple of months left of the semester, about 10 weeks to be exact. Halloween will sneak up quickly. Ive got a batch of nearly 100 chocolate and white cupcakes due next Saturday, the day of the big OU/saxeT game. My carrot cake that I delivered today turned out fabulously, and Im looking forward to the Heart Concert coming up on the 12th. Somehow Ive got to be ready for my Thesis Commitee meeting coming up on the 13th at 1:00 p.m. precisely.

Ive got my topic, and my important questions answered for the college:
1. What is the feasibility of this topic?
2. Can it be studied and how will it be studied?
3. Who will benefit from this study?

Ive been working on grabbing literature and bibliographies from the library journal databases and getting summaries and all of the other educational requirements in order. Im ready, I just am not ready if that makes sense.

My big break day will be on Monday, October 9th. Columbus Day - a new named paid holiday and day off in our office. I knew there was a good reason for them sharing this - after all, the public schools and post office are closed that day, so why chug along producing drawings when the rest of the government says "stay home and take a break."

This day I plan to sleep in, until at least 10 a.m. And at noon, I will begin a full day of preparation for my thesis committee meeting. I will have a completed agenda, and completed proposal up to that point. Ive already started on everything, but its in pieces now, and Im not quite sure exactly what is expected, so I must make a phone call tomorrow.

I want to enjoy the Heart Concert, and I want to be worry free when I attend my best friend's wedding on the 14th. Her bachelorette party a few weeks ago was fabulous. We met up at a suite in the Magnolia Hotel in Dallas. We dined on appetizers of shrimp coctail, fine phallic sugar cookies with pink icing and chocolate sprinkles. There was endless champagne, pomegranate martini's and lemondrop shots with sugared rims.

Still looking forward to Christmas - that will be my big break to look forward to.

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