Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Red Basket Therapy

Red Basket Therapy is a term I use to describe my shopping experiences at Target, and even Target.com. There is a feeling over and beyond the fluorescent and metal halide lamps that graze from above, and the red stripes and sales associates wearing red shirts with khaki bottoms. What a concept really. A big target store filled with many things to encounter, but may not necessarily need. This is when red basket therapy comes into play.

Before class, or stopping by on the way home, Target is always a welcoming place. There are always icees, and at some new locations, an inner starbucks with hot coffee and ice cold frappuccinos. What could be better than pushing a big red basket through while sipping caffeinated beverages?

This is my latest find: 12 small pumpkin shaped soup bowls and a large tureen. These will certainly be the highlight of my fall table scape. I am fully aware that these may only be used two months of the year really, but that is fine with my. Im a holiday gal, and I love my dining table especially full of people sitting around it enjoying a feast of a whole days preparation by me.

I havent even received them yet from the UPS man, (who by the way Im sure curses my name since I live out in the sticks and he makes almost daily stops at my house)...but Im already searching for wonderful fall soup recipes.

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