Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Ok so I got this fabulous book Cattitude: The Feline Guide to Being Fabulous from a good friend of mine when she came for dinner the other night. I forgot to post it here earlier, so Im doing it now. Its such a fun book, all about cats with fun quotes and one liners... haha

Even has rhinestones on the cover. Ive not gotten to read through the whole thing but I did take a peek at it - and thought it was truly fun.


Dorothy Cady said...

We humans think we know humor...that the world laughs because we speak. But we could really take a lesson or two from cats. Here's one really cute and funny cat thing I recently read. I thought I'd share it.

This person's cat loves to have its stomach dustbuster-ed. You can read about it here:

Now what comedian do we know who'd lay down on the floor, belly up, and roll around until someone stroked his or her tummy with a dustbuster? :-)

Ms. M said...


That is a great link! Thanks for sharing!!! Ill have to forward it on to other cat loving friends :)