Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day :)

Ok so its valentines day, and its almost overwith. I had a super hot date tonight with my Tuesday night online class :)

I did get a nice surprise while at work today - a very cute little vase with some very beautiful little roses showed up for me!!! There were even two leaves curved over to make the shape of a heart...how creative was that!

Tula tried to eat them tonight, I guess she thought they were for her. I thought it was a very nice and sweet of my husband to do this for me today. And to think that he left without me getting his small gift to him last weekend :( Ah well, I guess good things come to those who wait!

Im having a good time with her tonight, she just came to sit right by me to nap while I just typed away in the class chat which I just completed my discussion, and it was good. I was glad that I was able to answer more tonight than the last couple of weeks - my head has been full of mush since I havent been feeling real well, so I wasnt on top of things, but tonight I was back.

Im excited about Project Runway tomorrow night despite the terrible tragedy of Nicks removal. Im rooting for Chloe now that I cant have Nick. I think that Kara will be out but what do I know? I think that it will be Daniel, Santino (since I think he is the Wendy Pepper of the group this time - and we all know what happend with that in season 1!) and Chloe. I just dont think Kara is good enough to win... Ive seen problems in her work overall too. I think hers turned out for Santino last week because it was a bunch of differnt things all mashed together that just happend to work for her. Just because Michael Kors needs to have pockets in his damn suit... What a shame, Im in mourning now for Nick. I should write him a letter just to let him know he is still fabulous in my book.

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