Monday, February 13, 2006

Fabulous Food, Fun, and Friendship

Not sure whether to be excited tomorrow or wear colors that would suit the day like I normally would. Im thinking to sport all black tomorrow for some reason.

Well I had my guests over this past weekend - and what a weekend it was! I spent all of saturday litterally in the kitchen, and everything turned out super!

My chicken marsalla tasted wonderful, and I made fresh key lime pie and a chocolate mousse dessert.
We had frozen cosmopolitans, white merlot, a red merlot, and starbucks coffee liquer. It was really good and everyone cleaned their plate! I really enjoy my friends.

I think I will be traveling to Dallas this upcoming weekend to go visit my husbands Texas habitat... Out of all of these months he has been down there, I havent been to see where he lives or works. He is usually here every weekend with exception of one. He still has a couple months left of his contract, so hopefully he will be home soon.
We are going to go visit Ikea this weekend - all of my friends have been, but I havent, so this time Im going to go. Ikea wasnt in Dallas the last time I went down there, so its been awhile since Ive been there. We used to go and drive down for a weekend and go shopping at the galleria and the world food market which has the best feta cheese I have ever found. They have awesome samosas too.

I got Tula a feather boa, so here is her valentines day picture. She is the cutest and best cat, and loves the camera!!! She has since "eaten" her boa, there were pink feathers scattered about, but I got them up with the vacuum. But you can tell what it used to be at least, but she does love her toys. I gave her a little ice cream tonight since she loves it so much as her treat. For anyone who thinks its evil to give pets people food, it was just a little piece about the size of my thumb nail.... I dont let my cat chow down on ice cream!!! but she loves to get a little taste of it now and then.

So Im going to go to bed early tonight, and get some sleep - I am soo exhausted. All I want to do is be warm and sleep in my bed. I guess we will see what tomorrow brings.

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