Friday, February 10, 2006

Sheer Presence

Each day comes and goes and it becomes more and more apparent to me that I can be chubby or overweight, (however you want to put it) and still be invisible!!! Its amazing how this has occured since I got back from vacation.

Seems that the only thing that can make me happy is Tula. She always loves me, no matter what, and always comes to sit by me, or sleep on my head atop my pillow at night. She wakes me up in the morning so I can pet her and tell her what a big sweetie kitty she is. She loves her treats every morning before I leave for work too.

Im looking forward to Valentines Day next week. Ive already set the table for my dinner tomorrow night. Im making chicken marsalla, mashed potatoes (always a big hit) long green beans, and a chocolate cheesecake and key lime pie. Ill have to take a photo of my table when everything is out. I dont want Tula getting up and into everything so Im gonna wait and do the rest when the guests arrive. Im glad to have some company over - its been pretty quiet and lonely around here lately.

My boy Nick got cut from Project Runway this week - was so dissappointed. Now it is down to Santino, Kara, Daniel, and Chloe. Not sure who to call for outs this week, seems like it can rock and swing any way. Ive been trying to keep up with the game they have on the project runway website though, havent scored any points. I keep thinking that Kara has got to go, and put Nick up to win each week since he won the my scene barbie competition.


Superstarfairy said...


I really like the conversational tone of your writing. I too watch the Designer show and the dresses made from flowers were fab!! I loved almost all of them. I hope this year will get better for you in every aspect of your life. I graduate in May and I currently kinda like my job, never thought I would be in politics lobbying for causes. I think I need a change of scenery who knows maybe non-profit. Okay I will end here but I share your pain in the Chubby world. I am currently working to change this, but incase I don't lose one pound I will make it look as good as possible. Stay motivated and if it lost search yourself again it is ther within you.

Anonymous said...

I like project Runway and I was shocked to see Nick leave. Santino is getting on my nerves and I think he should have left a long time ago. I am sorry to hear about your "chubby" problems. Growing up I was always really thin, but after having my son I am rather "chubby." Now I am pregnant and I fear I will get only heavier. I know how you feel. I think I am somehow "less" of a person because of how I look now. People used to tell me, "Oh, you are so thin." Of course I never hear that now. No one calls me fat, but when I see pictures of how I used to look I have even less motivation to do anything about how I look now. I feel like there is no point, it is hopeless. I have some good news though, my husband still thinks I'm hot! I think you look like a very happy and friendly person and that is more than I can say for a lot of skinny people I see everyday.

Ms. M said...

Hi Superstar Fairy:

Thanks for the kudos here - glad to see that others take enjoyment in similar things that I do. I know there are many out there who love it hence the sales of the my scene barbie...

Im starting my low carb southbeach diet next week... I like the feeling watching the pounds fly off every week... its a great feeling.
Thanks for the motivation talk. I think I just need to work through some things and get out there and do what I do best. Draw!

Ms. M said...

Hi Anonymous... so sly here...haha

Santino gets on my nerves too, but there has to always be one... too bad that it was probably the act of the producers... and Daniel would have been out had he not been give immunity the week before!

Thanks for the kudos from you too... I dont mind being a little chubby, you know that some really skinny girls are not that attractive... but we have something that someone can hold on to! thats why they are called "love handles..." haha
Good luck to you in your journey for weight loss, you can do it!!!