Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sweet Misery

Not sure what to think right now, but some things in life never quite go as planned. I think it is just now occuring to me that my graduate degree is really not going to get me anywhere in life. I only have about 18 hours left, that is including 12 hours of thesis to complete. I know its not much but I am trying to weigh now whether or not it is worth it if only for personal satisfaction. I do have a 4.0 gpa - I know it would feel wonderful to have that as a finishing score, completing graduate school. Other than that, I really do not feel that I have anything more to look forward to in this life except to get old.

Im having some dinner guests this weekend - the usual small crowd of 6 from work - 2 couples and 2 singles. We always like to get together and take turns cooking dinner and entertaining. I havent hosted anything in awhile, except the wedding, I guess paying $35 per head could be considered as hosting. So Ive been looking up some recipes this week. Found some really good chocolate cheesecake recipes at Kraft and some nice appetizers. I also funded myself a new kitchenaid Pro 5 Mixer in a grey color called caviar. It was on sale, and Ive been wanting one for a very long time now, so I decided to say what they heck. It will be well used :)
Also thinking about getting a fish tank for the home as well, maybe with a beta. I think it would be fun to watch Tula get interested in watching them. I would definately get a tank that could not be easily knocked around or accessed. But I think she would love some contained housemates to keep her company.

Ive been trying to get ahead this week on my webpage that is due on Sunday. Also have a long 14 page paper (technically 7 pages because it is MLA style) due Sunday night too that Ive been putting off. I guess Ill be glued to the sofa tonight with my laptop in hand.
I do want to make sure I see Project Runway tonight, as the final 5 contestants are getting down to making it to the final three competition. Fashion Week is coming up soon, and the final show will be the last three competing to be the winner at a fashion show. Personally Im rooting for Nick Verreos. Hes fabulous.

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