Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's Already February!!!

Oh my, it just hit me that it is actually February. Seems like I missed quite a bit this week, was out sick with most of the office folk. There is some funky virus going around, and I was one of the chosen to get it. I was out for most of the week - Monday started feeling bad so I went to see the nurse. Tuesday and Wednesay I basically stayed in bed all day and went Thursday for half a day before the boss sent me home again, so I ended up staying home friday too. I think Tula didnt know what to do with herself, because its usually her palace during the daytime on the weekdays. I think we have been better aquainted now even. This virus got to another girl for about 5 days the week before many others in the office began having symptoms.
I have to admit that I do feel refreshed now and actually feel that I have gotten caught up on all of my sleep that I missed out on in December. I havent really been super ill in a couple of years now, so I guess it was my time again.
Anyway, got caught up on the school work, laundry, and watched the rest of season 4 Sopranos this weekend. I finished my paper about the history and significance of blogging, and I have learned alot. I should be inspired now to join up in a political ring of bloggers to become better informed and better versed in the things that I only hear about on CNN.

Ive got another paper Im working on this week for my West African Art class. This course has been very interesting and informative also. Although we are discussing primitive objects and ideals, it seems that there are alot of things that I was unaware of that have influenced our
culture here in America too. Bungee jumping was actually a celebration of winning a war in an African culture. They also developed the game (which my husband and I truly enjoy playing) Mancala. I took this photo recently up in the UCO library on the 4th floor where the exhibit is currently displayed. I find everything quite interesting.
I guess its off to a new week tomorrow. Everything back to normal again and time to continue through the semester. Over a quarter completed, yet seems like time is just flying by.

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