Thursday, February 16, 2006

And the Three Finalists Are...

To walk down a runway. To show the world what you are all about on a runway. Wow.
Last nights Project Runway. Im proud to say this time, I finally called it, even if it were only half of it. I knew Kara had to go, but thought maybe Chloe would win the challenge, and it was infact Daniel who did. But thats ok. I did predict that it would be Chloe, Daniel and Santino going into fashion week. I cannot stress how much it should really be Nick in there somewhere, but it is what it is.

Next week will be the interview with all of the contestants, I think it will be interesting. I know it is just filler though before they show the fashion week show in which the three finalists will present their collection in New York on the runway. Last year when Jay won, I was so excited because there was so much support for this show and concept. There were many people there who are important in the fashion world to root it on. I wasnt sure how accepted it would be, but I think it is great to see where fashion and design comes from and what it is inspired by. I know what I think is good fashion and I know what inspires me as a designer, but it is great to see other peoples ideas and what they see because of where they came from. Oh, and there is Heidi Klum who is the hostess of the show. I think she is great though, smart and funny - I think she really has great personality even if she did show up on the Victoria Secret runway with a super flat belly shortly after having her baby.


Okieblokie said...

Hey I watch that show too Melissa, in fact I look forward to it every Wednesday night, the only thing on TV worth looking at. I reckon Santino is a loser, his designs are all the same and he has no idea how to dress a woman, (not that I do either) Daniel will probably win it, but he has no personality. Chloe is good, but she will not win, unless of course the final design is to her favor. Austin Scarlett was my pick for last year, so you can see how much I know......
I like your write up on the show, and all the cool pics you added, great blog.

Ms. M said...


Thanks for posting... was beginning to think that no one was reading my blog anymore! haha

I live for project runway, wish I could be contestant myself. I have good ideas, but dont have the technical skill to get it done right...

Thanks for the Kudos. Ive been reading your blog too.

- Melissa

Okieblokie said...

Are you a clothes designer, or do you do a little bit of everything? I admire people who have a vision on what looks good, either on a person, or in a home. I have very little vision about dressing myself, but I can dress my wife pretty good, or I should say i can pick out some naff clothes for her. My wife is an artist so she gets full run on decorating the home, and she has done very well, on a shoestring budget.
Did you apply to Project Runway this last time? Do you know when they are accepting applications for the next show? I say go for it, even if it is only for a laugh, you never know.......??

Ms. M said...


I think I have my hands in the pot for doing a little of everything... but not so much for getting by doing just one thing really well.

I do not sew well myself at all, and I do not know all of the little tricks. I like to buy fabric and tell my mom what to sew for me though...LOL I did put together all of the ideas for the dresses my bridesmaids wore. Each one was different. I even worked on my own dress - mom sewed (we call her Martha Wang...) and I just told her what I wanted it to look like... It was fashioned after a dress I did see, but we made it our own I guess is safe to say.
I would love to apply to project runway - I think I have some good ideas for things to wear, but then I dont know what the process is for it. I think I will spend the summer learning to sew though, I have wanted a sewing machine for awhile so that I can try to get going. If nothing else to save myself a few bucks at the mall and just make what it is I really want.

Since you said your wife is an artist, I know you have been out and about to all of the hip art shows around (from reading your blog) and that is really cool. Im not one to really get out a whole lot though. I think that you may know someone I work with. She helps organize the girlie show... I volunteered this past show down in the ticket booth, was loads of fun. Ill have to ask her if she knows you - small world if so, eh?