Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sleety Day

I thought it would be more decent outside today than it was friday night when we got a nice glazing of sleet outside. Yesterday was bearable, I noticed not alot of people got out, but I did manage to make it to the mall. I wanted to get some new jeans, and ended up with a bit more only to come home and find out that the sales girl did not remove any of the security tags! The mall is more than half an hour away from me, so it will be a pain in the butt to take them back up there this week and explain why I am bringing merchandise into the store with security tags on them so they can remove them. Ill have to make sure that I find my receipt.

Friday night I went to some friends house, the usual crowd in which came over last weekend, we take turns every weekend hosting. Friday night I got there at 7 in Norman knowing that the weather would be somewhat bad. I didnt take the weather man seriously this time because last time it was supposed to snow it was nothing. Anyway... we enjoy our meal of make your own pizza on flatbread. What a fabulous idea! The hostess made a great dessert of orange slices, strawberry halves, and blackberries on a big platter drenched in chocolate chunks crumbled over everything and all mixed in. It was super fabulous. Im going to have to make it sometime for myself here. It was beautiful and delicious, all fruits that taste wonderful with chocolate.

I wanted to go out to the store today to pick up some food, as I am the bad squirrel, not saving up for the winter. But there was enough here to throw together a descent meal of mashed potatoes, cheeseburgers, and brocolli. I even made chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

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