Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Operation Sweet Dreams

I figure that since I do design work on a daily basis, that I should talk about some of it here. One being that I have been working on furnishing my house for the last year now. Since my monthly income is pretty much consumed by this thing called a mortgage, Ive been on a budget, but am proud of what Ive done with the place so far. I cannot take complete credit though, some items are wedding gifts.

The bedroom.

I have great expectations for my bedroom. I want to paint it a light blue, somewhere in the range of a silver blue - all of the trim in the house is white, so I think it will still be a bright and serene space.

I was excited when I bought my new bed last year from West Elm (which I still have yet to unpack and assemble...) it will probably happen this summer, but like I said I have great expectations here. It is a low bedframe made of wood and this headboard which is called the moroccan headboard. I liked all of the little cut outs in it.

Next comes the bedding in which most of it came as a wedding gift from my office folk. Its gorgeous, red with gold and light blue accents. The blue accent in the bedding is the color best matched for the wall color. The blossoms are crysanthemums which are the imperial symbol of Japanese royalty and longevity.

And next I found a great deal on some fabulous nightstands at Target, part of the global bazaar that I believe will be an annual event in Target stores.

These are currently on clearance (half off!) , and were a steal! There is a leather top on it with an embossed botanical pattern, and on the drawers as well. They are only about 18" high, so Im going to do some work on the legs to raise them up about 6 inches or so. Im sure I can find a stain to match, and Ill just have to be clean and creative, but I believe I can do it for less than ten bucks. I like it too that this little chest has geometric forms on it which are also found in the headboard. Ive been looking around for bedroom furniture for quite awhile now, and havent really found anything I couldnt live without, so I decided that an eclectic mix of great finds will have to do.

Im planning to take a furniture class sometime before I graduate. The requirement for a graduate student would be to design a piece of furniture one semester (this includes learning how to use the equipment to put it together, how furniture connections are made, and the theories behind it as well. I think it would be fun to develop a dresser or chest, and know that it was something fabulous that I made myself.


Superstarfairy said...

Your room will look great when you get everything together. You have a great eye for detail and design! I wish I had the patience to look at things in pieces to bring them together in such a fab way. Maybe after I finish this semester I can focus more on home decor. Have fun!!

Ms. M said...

Hi Superstarfairy:

I think interior design and decoration is lots of fun - my advice is just coordinate your things, they do not have to match. Mix it up a bit and add some color and some neutrals. I am a big fan of target furniture - they have great designers pushing product there, and for a great price especially when it goes on sale or clearance!

Thanks for your interest and for posting in my blog!

- Melissa

Superstarfairy said...

Hi Ms M.

Okay I have a silly question...are designers born or made? I love things that are different. I want to decorate but can't figure out how to get the "POP" effect for my place. I love to watch shows like "Design on a Dime", "Trading Spaces" and such but for some reason I can't pull off the look. Should I start room by room and can each room has it's own theme or should the house have a theme? COnFusEd


Ms. M said...

Hi Steph:

Im not sure how to answer your question about designers being born or made...hehe Interesting thought though to ponder!

I have to admit that I have a shopping problem, but I guess it comes to some advantage that I can find things that coordinate. I think that wood tones are the most important thing to work around or mix with.

I think doing room by room with a common element works throughout the house. I have a common paint color throughout my house, but a different accent color in each room that kindof ties everything together. I have kindof an asian/middle eastern them going on throughout my house. I have deep red as an accent in one room and dark pinks and purples in one bathroom. But then I have one thing in there (it is a chest that I keep toiletries in) and it has red in it too, so there is my correlation.

Overall I would say do room by room. Analyze what you have and what you need. The shows like design on a dime do just that. They evaluate the space and figure out what it needs and what they can do for their $1000. They have certain skills too that allow them to create things without buying them. I like to figure out what it is that I want to bring in, keep it at a mental note until I locate it, and at a certain cost.

Each space is unique - add your personality to it through color. Dont be afraid to angle a chair or add a nice little rug. The seasonal sales are great times of year to find things for your home, like a fun chair for a corner of a room or a fun vase.

I think that design magazines are helpful to people to find what kind of style they want, or to personalize a look they want to have and make their own. I would suggest House Beautiful and Veranda. They are design magazines that everyone can use and find some inspiration from. If you see a great table you like, find something similar and go for it!