Monday, March 13, 2006


Just look at my sweet baby Tula. That is her stuffed dog, but she doesnt quite know what to do with it. She just lets it sit there while she stares at it...haha

This is her little toy corner. She is pretty good about getting the toy she wants to play with, and then she gets it back there to put it away. We havent quite mastered the putting it away part of it though. I give her kudos for attempting anyway.

Tonight she is having a ladies night out with her sisters. I took her over there earlier so she could play with Cassia and Calyx. I love their little greeting, they all just stand their and lick each other's head. Cracks me up every time. I miss her though, usually by now she would be sitting right next to me purring while I check my email on my bed.

I had my sister and her husband over for dinner this weekend. I made chicken marsalla, my cucumber and tomato salad and some mixed vegetables. It was pretty good, and the first time Ive really cooked since February 11th when my friends came over to be entertained.

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