Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Lazy Day

Today was a relaxing day. Tula was lazy too, we just sat on the sofa and watched tv and checked email and posted on my class website.

Desperate Housewives is on now, I have been awaiting this episode since it was not on the last couple of weeks and I missed the last episode that was on. I guess I was out of it, forgot it was Sunday and totally forgot it was on.

Im going to spend the rest of the evening cleaning house and doing laundry to prepare for this upcoming week. Its spring break now, but I still have to work. I dont need to worry so much about the school work, Im going to enjoy not being totally attached to the computer for a week.

There was a grass fire just a block away from my house in a field this evening. I thought I was going to have to pack up and go for a minute. Good thing there were firemen there before I even noticed it outside my front window.

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