Saturday, March 11, 2006

Signs of Life

This past fall I went to Home Depot as they had a clearance on trees and shrubs, and I found a red plum tree, which is what I was out looking for. I only watered it a couple of times over the winter and just the other day, it bloomed. I was pleased that it was still alive after the winter and the drought that has plagued our state.

I went out and purchased some annuals this year, some marigolds, petunias, a big red begonia for one of my sidewalk pots out front and another sun loving flower which I cannot manage to recall at this time. Starts with a "D" though. So I planted them in my garden as Tula sat in the window sill and overlooked to make sure I was doing it all right. They are all small now, but hope they will bloom very nicely and just take over the whole garden area out front. I enjoy having the LED solar lamps out front as well - they are nice to come home to when it is dark outside. I got those last year shortly after I moved into my house.
I also planted a bulb for elephant ears, so I hope those come up in the next month or two as well. I know they can get big, but thats what Im going for. I dont really like these standard little shrubs that builders like to put in everywhere, they are used too much, and will end up taking over, so Im keeping my eye out for something that I can put there that is sun loving and will be aesthetically pleasing.

Im so glad to see more of the sunshine out these days. Im glad it is getting warm out with a bit of a cool breeze behind it. If the weather were just like this all year, I would be happy.

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