Thursday, March 09, 2006

And the Winner Is...


Ok, I admit I was so wrong about my expectations of the winner of Project Runway. I just didnt really think Chloe was going to get it together in time, but apparently she did! I felt dissapointed though for Santino, but Im sure after this, he will make it up in the world of fashion. Daniel was offered a job with Michael Kors, which is an amazing opportunity for someone who has just gotten out of school. I hope he accepts, I know he can go far.

As for Nick, I have to put in my two cents. I do believe that Nick could have filled the shoes of any of the three that showed at Olympus Fashion Week. I enjoyed watching the runway shows, but felt it was missing something. Well see what next season has to offer.

As for me, Im able to fit in my clothes again after a couple of weeks when they didnt fit oh so well. Im feeling good on this diet, its pretty easy to maintain once you get going on it. Just no french silk pie (such as J served last night at his house). I told him he was evil for doing such a thing infront of me. I just had to think that I wanted to wear some color today, meaning my pink capri pants. Ive never worn these before, havent been able to fit in them. I tore off the tag this morning and pulled them up to a perfect fit. Wow I thought. The scale is a big liar.

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