Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tonight is the Night

So tonight we will find out who will be the winner of Project Runway. Im very excited to see who pulls through, although personally I believe it to be Santino. I dont know if that is really unfortunate or not. I think that Chloe didnt pull it together in the time she had, and Im a bit dissapointed in what Daniel showed us last week. I do recall the first season to be that of supreme competition with Jay being the winner, and so he deserved it. This season it seems went a bit differently. I think Nick should be there tonight and one of the others not.

Ill be spending the evening at J's house with my friends and we will be watching the finale together to comment and see what happends.

This is one of Santinos sketches from the show. Originals were auctioned off, but the images can be found on the project runway website.

Anyway. I checked the scales this morning and viola - nothing lost. My clothes do fit me better now eventhough the scale actually says otherwise. Its always just a big liar anyway so I wont worry about it too much.

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