Sunday, March 05, 2006


I just finished taking my first exam for my online West African Art class through a program called Webct. It was interesting - only 16 questions, some multiple choice and some essay. I scanned through them quickly before I began, then as quickly as possible began answering. We are able to use our notes and book, and are given 90 minutes. There were 1.5 questions that I couldnt remember where to locate the information to find the information about it... I was sure 90 minutes would be plenty of time. I think I just got lost in it all when writing, there is alot to say about each image shown and where it came from, yada yada yada.

Ok so its over, I hope I still have my A in the class. But now, I will be more prepared for the final exam in May. But glad its over.

I still have to complete my essay due this evening, its taken me a little longer than expected too. I didnt think it would be done in a few hours, but Ive been working on this thing since last Wednesday!

Ah well, Im sure I will get it done, and sure it will turn out fine.

Meanwhile Tula came to sit by me and made not a peep while I took my test. Feels good to be loved sometimes even by something you would think may have no feelings... :)

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