Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What Happends Next?

I missed the new and final season of the Sopranos this weekend. We were thinking that we would just rent them or borrow the season from someone when it came out on DVD. Last night we caught the episode on HBO that we missed this weekend. I couldnt stand to have to wait more than a year for them to be out on DVD. I saw a clip of Tony getting shot on the news the other morning, and I was trying to get around finding out what happend before I got to see it. I cant imagine going through the last season without the big boss you know. My husband and I are debating on whether he survives or is killed off the show. I think since he got 911 on the phone before the episode was over, they will locate him and show up, take him into the hospital and he will be fine eating ice cubes for the next episode, but well just have to wait and see.

I saw on the internet the other day that there are a couple of Soprano's cookbooks on the HBO shopping with the Sopranos website. They look like they would have some really good recipes in them. I know they talked about who's lasagna was the best on the show, and hinted around to some of the ingredients occasionally. Like Karen's Ziti that she made before she died in a car accident on the show. And Carmella's Lasagna with the small sausage meat balls smothered in cheese. Maybe a few mixed drinks in there too. Maybe a "bada bing!" martini or something like that... haha

Tula stayed with her sisters for a couple of days, and Im looking forward to going to pick her up in a bit. I havent been taking her to play as much as I used to, and I know she loves to go and play so hopefully she has had her fill for now.

Spring break is almost over, we are now half way through the week. Its been nice not having to log onto the computer every night to check in on the new topics posted. Ive got a big paper due soon, so Ill have to work on that this weekend since it will be raining outside anyhow. Good for the flower beds though. Im watering now since it is still so dry outside. There were more grass fires today, it is warm outside and I can see the dirt being carried by the wind outside. Its red dirt, and its gritty.

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