Sunday, March 19, 2006


This was a good weekend, a very rainy weekend. The rain was definately needed though. Its still raining and will continue through Monday. I dont mind and cannot complain a bit.

I got a new ceramic flat iron this weekend in preparation for the upcoming and somewhat dreaded professional office photo. I rarely wear makeup, it makes my face itch and makes me break out the following day after it was worn. I usually just put my hair up in a clippie or in a pony tail. Sometimes I wear it just down. If Im not running late, Ill work some mousse into my hair so that it wont look frizzy. I just care about getting to work and getting my stuff done. I know I should dress up more, or look more presentable.

When I think about these photos, I think about my early grammar school photographs. My mom would always make me wear some frilly dress and she would do my hair which I didnt really mess up during the day, but there was always some distraction or flaw in my photo. Im feeling the same anxiety for this one. Its going to go down on Wednesday. Ive managed to find a professional looking ensemble to wear - thats not the problem. I cant decide if I should wear my glasses. I like my glasses, but want to get some new ones soon anyway. I could wear contact lenses. I could wear big earrings. I practiced doing my hair today. It lasted all of 5 minutes because of the humidity. Maybe wednesday morning at 5:30 a.m. will be better!?! All of this stressing for what will be all of 5 minutes to sit down infront of a backdrop and smile. Well just have to wait and see how it goes. I hope it turns out, because I know there will be no retakes.

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