Monday, March 20, 2006

Weather Gone Wild

Today I saw more colored warnings on my pop up news indicator at work. At one time this afternoon there was a winter snow watch, a wind advisory, a tornado warning, a tunderstorm warning and a severe thunderstorm warning (all in the same state mind you...). It shows all of the counties and colors them in with the appropriate warning color and then shows you which direction the storm(s) are moving. Anytime it changes course, the arrow changes, the program pops up again, and then the national weather service begins scrolling across the bottom of the screen with the warning and which counties are affected and for how long.

I love my little pop up weather indicator though. I think the weather is fascinating and its great to go look at the creepy clouds outside too. My friend in college was a meteorology major and she was really smart. She taught me all kinds of things about how the weather comes through and how they know so much about it and how computers indicate weather patterns and produce models. The technology has become greater since we graduated a few years ago, but I always think of her on these inclimate weather days. You can download your own I-News here.


MINNIE said...

Yeah...yesterday weather was so weird! I picked up my girl from school in sunny and came back to home just for about 30 min, then we went out to the library. The weather was SO black cloudy, and we puzzled. After, we went to library, and the outside started to rain so hard. For about 20 min after, it became sunny again. heh. So funny! I do envy Woodward getting some snow yesterday. It would be nice to see some snow here in OKC for one more time. :-)


Ms. M said...


It would be great to have some more snow. I got up this morning and it wasnt so cold out so I wore sandals to work! I left this evening and it was soooo cold out!