Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Season of Pascha

I found this fabulous little bunny at Pier 1 the other day when I was out. It looks great on my fire place hearth. It is the celebration time of Easter, or Pascha as we call it,Christ rising from the dead. A time of forgiveness, fasting, and personal growth.

Im planning to go visit my parents for the holiday, go to church and have the traditional greek feast of lamb, lamb brain soup, feta cheese, among other greek delicacies. It is the most festive time of year in the church. I went last year, but only for one service I think because it was finals week.

We always get a hard boiled egg that is dyed red. It is both symbolic of Christ and a superstition. The red egg came to be when a messenger told the people "Christ is Risen" and they did not believe. We take our eggs and try to crack another's egg with it. If your egg cracks, then your out. If you have an undamaged egg, then your still in the game.

This year it will also be around finals week, but Im just going to get my school work done early so that I can enjoy it this year. Maybe Ill get to dye some eggs, I havent done that in a long time.


MINNIE said...

Oh too! I hardly can wait to dye the eggs. I do that each year and never miss doing that! It is a must to me and for my children as well. :-)


Ms. M said...


Ive seen all of the new dyeing kits at the stores now, with paints, etc. They confuse me. Im used to the good ole drops that you put in vinegar to make pretty colors! I always liked the clear wax crayon that would block the color from the egg where it was drawn on!
Hope you have fun with your egg dyeing this year!

Knitterista said...

You actually eat lamb brains??? Ewww!

Ms. M said...

I know, I never believed it was lamb brain. The old people at church would tell us that it was, but we never believed them. It is a great tasting soup with rice pilaf in it and herbs and lamb meat as well.

Its not as ewwww as it sounds! :)