Sunday, March 26, 2006


This post comes a few days late as Ive been wrapped up in homework and life. It snowed last Wednesday night. I woke up Thursday to a white blanked out in the front yard, back yard and on top of the house. Oh yes, and my poor babies that I spent so much effort in getting into the ground.

It snowed the other day and now it is close to 70 degrees outside again.

I lost another four pounds last week, and wrote two papers. I think I spent more time pondering them than actually writing. Although my entire saturday was dedicated to writing.

I did take a break in the evening to sit down with a movie since my husband took the liberty of meeting up with friends so that I could have a quiet work place for the day. I bought De Lovely at blockbuster a few months ago, and never opened it up. It has Kevin Klein and Ashley Judd. It was a wonderful film. Lots of eye candy. Its more of a musical type, but very good story line.

Since the burn ban was lifted last week because we got enough rain - we decided to cook out this evening. We have had some steaks in the freezer for a few months, and it was about time to fire up the grill again after such a lovely day, although a bit windy.

Lots to do now before another long week begins!

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