Friday, March 31, 2006

Platinum Sun

Last night as I walked to my car from my office, I noticed to the east the sky was silver, dark and grey as the storm that had passed through earlier was moving away. To the west, the sun was shining low, and it was glistening in a way Ive never seen before. It was blinding, yet I could hardly keep my eyes from it. It was platinum.

Im getting excited about an upcoming weekend of inclimate weather. I know it must be boring reading about the weather, but I get excited about it. It is the way that mother nature is screaming out to everyone (in the midwest anyway) that spring is here. Loud, crackling thunderstorms in the middle of the night, super bright lighting shows, tornados (sirens, doppler radar, and storm chasers), big plump raindrops, and skies full of clouds that look like big mish mashes of cotton balls with bits of periwinkle blue peering through them. An Oklahoma Sky.

I miss having my convertible - I always enjoyed being exposed to the elements. Time for a new car though. Maybe another convertible in the near future. I just need to look around.

Tonight Im off to Marvelous M & C's house for a delightful japanese meal with a hawaiian twist. It is what M does best. Well be having pina coladas tonight too. Ive been dieting still, and its been going well so Im taking a break this weekend so that I can endulge myself tonight with some home cooking at someone else's house and still enjoy my friends. Ill see if Tula can have an evening out with her girls too - maybe for a play date with her sisters.

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