Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So Much to do, So Little time

I am up to my eyeballs in things to do. Im in the process of rearranging all of the furniture in my house. I just wish I could lift things and move it all myself. I am ready to bring my new bed inside that has been sitting out in the garage forever it seems. Im moving the old furniture into the spare bedroom. So far, Ive only really moved one thing...

I gave Tula her first bath last night. It was hullarious. I thought she was a chubby kitty, but turns out, she really is quite small. She just has long hair.

She was a good kitty while getting her bath. My sister came over to help me out with her. She didnt really know what was going on, but I think she liked it despite the known facts that cats dont like water. I should have gotten a picture, because she looked so funny with wet hair!

I have two papers due this weekend. One really long son of a gun - 14 pages for West African Art. Im going to discuss the furniture pieces that we have learned about this semester. There are a couple of stools used in ceremonies and rituals. I think I can get 14 pages and a few images in there.

My other paper Ive been working on, but its being checked by my friend who has an english degree from awhile back. I told her she has until saturday to look it over for me. Im trying to improve my writing mechanics, as I will be starting my thesis in the fall. Im very excited. I was dreading it before, but Ive got it under control now. It is fabulous. Something to do with design, that can be studied, and that will benefit the body of knowledge.

I am a pretty visual person, so I was having alot of trouble when I was told that the university will not allow a project as a thesis, but wants written research. I couldnt comprehend how design students were supposed to write about design and study design, but not design.

Im off to move furniture!


MINNIE said...

Did you take a picture of Tula after taking a bath?


Ms. M said...


I didnt get a picture. I wish I had. My sister and I decided to get her wet again some time in the near future and take a picture though. lol she did look too cute!!!

I will post a picture when I can get one!

sara said...

I found your blog searching for pascha egg dye online :) Good to find another Orthodox blogger!

Have a good Holy week