Sunday, April 09, 2006

When its All Said and Done

This has been quite a week and weekend. I finally pulled the bed out of the garage and assembled it this weekend. Ive set up a guest bedroom in what was an empty unused room, and started cleaning like mad.

I played some poker with my sister and brother in law this weekend - mainly for practice. It was nice to get out for a little bit.

I turned in two papers this weekend. One for advanced composition. It was great - I wrote about McDonald's and how they are a sponsor of the olympics and about their promotion to better their reputation regarding their food. I also finished my research paper for West African Art this weekend and submitted it - I wrote about West African furniture pieces. Stools, mostly, but there are some interesting pieces with some interesting purposes.

I can hardly believe that the semester is coming to an end in a matter of a few weeks. Ive managed to keep up with everything, and I feel confident that my 4.0 will venture on. Ive enrolled for next semester and will begin my thesis proposal in the fall. I plan to include blogging as part of my research study, I think it will be great.

Well Im beat after a long day of housework and poker. Goodnight!

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