Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

Today was Sunday, yet again. Desperate Housewives showed and is long overwith now. I woke up this morning just wishing it could be Saturday. The Thanksgiving weekend is officially gone and tomorrow is another Monday I have to get up and deal with. I imagine tomorrow will be a long day. Perhaps I will leave early so that I can get home and start in on all of the homework I was supposed to complete or at least get started this weekend. Yeah, that didnt happen. I halfway did clean the house though, I want it spotless for my sister's graduation afterparty on Friday night. Just have to tidy up a couple of things, put away a few halloween/ thanksgiving decorations and vacuum. I put up the Christmas tree on Friday night. All of my favorite ornaments are up on the tree along with the white lights. I love the Christmas Holiday season. It makes the rest of the year worth living just to make it to December each year. The neighbors have already begun stringing lights on their homes. Not sure if I will make it around to doing that this year or not. I have about three weeks of school left. It snuck up quickly on me. I have the rest of my bibliography to put together for my proposal. I have a ten page research paper due on December 5th. And a final, terrified of this final on the 12th. I will have my proposal completed for submission to the graduate college by the time it is due, either the 8th or the 15th. Sigh.
Im looking forward though to december 19th, the last full day of work I have for the year 2006.

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