Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eye Candy

Ok all I have to say right now is that Madonna rocks. I dont have any other words here. lol She just rocks. It is a huge goal in my life to get to see her in concert live... a. before she dies, b. before she retires, or c. before I die. Unfortunately, I am watching the Confessions tour on NBC right now, commercials and all. Oh well. She rocks though. I am so inspired by women who rock, and I know she has been taking guitar lessons, and I saw her first play guitar on Oprah a few years ago. Now she is up there on stage rocking away... hard. I want to be a bad girl like Nancy Wilson or Madonna now. I know Nancy could totally kick ass if she and Madonna were holding a battle of the band contest. But Madonna is and always will just be Madonna. There is no matching her when it comes to the eye candy of her performances. She is a true performer. Hopefully next time she tours I will have unlimited funds to go meet up with her on the east coast, as she didnt manage to make it inland this time... bummer.

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