Saturday, August 05, 2006

25th Anniversary

This week a very fabulous lady at my office hit her 25 year mark at the firm. Some made comments directly stating "oh I was a year old 25 years ago" or "I wasnt even born yet". She immediately told those to go find something better to do. With her desk and area decorated with gaughty decorations and confetti, I secretly hid over in my area awaiting the presentation of cakes that I was asked to prepare for the occasion. 12:45 p.m. we set up in the lounge - A 4 layer chocolate on chocolate decorated cake. A round yellow cake with chocolate icing and a round lemon cake with fresh cream cheese icing.

My friend and twin came over to help out with the occasion. We have since decided to start a professional cake baking business. Moreso, I was excited that the office manager asked me to do this!

Chocolate on Chocolate 12" square with 10" square on top

Cake detail "Happy 25th"

9" round 4 layer yellow cake with chocolate icing and chocolate bar shavings on top with a bit of strawberry for color.

9" round 4 layer lemon cake with cream cheese icing and strawberry decoration

6" round "anniversary cake" - 2 layer chocolate on chocolate with chocolate bar shavings on top with "happy" detail all around. We sent this home with her and she loved it!!!

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