Monday, July 31, 2006


So I was wasting time at lunch today and found this article about my famous fellow Leo's - read on!

Article on MSN

It's easy to spot a Leo in a crowd. First, Leo lives to shine, to be noticed. Add to the mix a tremendous drive for success, natural charisma, and oodles of creativity. Leo's ruling planet is the Sun, and that's the source of the Lion’s secret power. Leo has the magical ability to lure us in with the most dazzling performance and then charm our pants off! If there’s an astrological signature for celebrity, it's surely Leo!

Mick Jagger:26 July 1943
Speaking of pants, Mick Jagger's skintight leather ones (and infamously lush lips) make the ladies sing, "start me up, Mick!" Yet this strong stage presence arose from humble beginnings, as is sometimes the case with Leo. In his early days with the Rolling Stones, Mick was awkward in front of a crowd and imitated other performers to find his own unique style. But find a style he must; self-expression is sunshine to Leo’s creative garden, and these souls bloom by shining their individuality into the world. How does a creative person see reflections of himself in the world? By populating it with his offspring! Leo is a virile sign, so whether Leo has creative babies or real live bundles of joy, so much of Leo’s happiness and joy comes from being a proud parent. In his professional life, Mick has populated the music world with copious albums and live performances - and he's still going strong at nearly 63 years young. In his private life, he's a dad of seven! Was Carly Simon's song, "You're so Vain" really about Mick? Sometimes we call Leo vain, but Leo's journey is to be the brightest light in the sky . . . the Sun.

Madonna:16 August 1958
We so clearly see the bright energy of this Lioness, because she's impossible to ignore! An exhibitionist at heart, Madonna's personal quest is to expose everything from her nude body to her belief in the Kabbalah. As a provocateur, Madonna has made it her business to bring sexual eroticism into the mainstream. Although she has played the femme fatale in countless movies and written an erotic bestseller, Sex, her lesser credited roles are the ones she is remembered in, as Queen Mother of the music video. Almost single-handedly, Madonna elevated the music video to an art form. But is she a pop star or an artist? She loathes being called a pop star, much preferring "performance artist." Leo is the sign of the artist, and every Leo who works toward mastery of self-expression coaxes her creative genius into daylight for the ultimate reward: a sold-out stadium, adoring fans, and roaring applause. No one says more about Leo's joy of pleasing and pleasure than the Lioness herself: "Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another."

Halle Berry:14 August 1968
Photographed by the paparazzi for her beauty and elegance, Halle Berry emanates that beautiful-person aura wherever she goes. Leo is a captivating Sun sign, and before she pursued acting as a career, Halle’s beauty captured pageant awards. But beauty and skin color are only skin deep, and Hollywood notoriously glorifies one and discriminates against the other. Perhaps this Leo’s journey is toward authenticity, building an ego and a sense of self strong enough to outshine Hollywood’s. Halle grew up biracial in a middle-class, mostly white neighborhood, with a white mother. As a child, she constantly thought her life would be more perfect and that she would be happier if only she had white skin like the people around her. When Leo turns to people-pleasing instead of living from her authentic center, the Lioness loses her magnificent roar, and that spark and vitality we love to watch fades behind empty performances. A Leo without an authentic spotlight is just a sad cat. Halle says that in an industry "caught up in what people think," she wants her legacy to be "one of a woman just living her life the way she wanted to on her terms." Go Halle!

Sandra Bullock:26 July 1964
One of the first things you notice about the woman behind the role is her infectious playfulness. Interviews with Sandra Bullock reveal an actress at ease in her own skin. Romping on the beach with her dogs, she delivers outspoken opinions followed by infectious giggling and self-deprecating humor - which she capitalized on several times in Miss Congeniality, both the original and the sequel. Leo is the playful child in all of us, and a playful, childlike curiosity toward life is one of Leo’s secrets to happiness. Indeed, this is probably the happiest sign of the Zodiac! But what’s behind Leo’s joyful presence? Is it love? Sandra says she has always seized opportunities for love and that she has a lot of love to give. As a personal, relationship-oriented sign, bighearted Leo loves big romances and love affairs almost as much as being on stage. Drama + Love of Love = Leo! Is that a good thing? If you can take all the drama of passionate living, Leos are endearingly romantic. Sandra’s track record of handsome hunks and her recent marriage suggest that this Cat’s got a good thing going on.

Ben Affleck:15 August 1972
Another winner of the Beautiful People award, Ben Affleck has that rare combination of good looks, charm, and luck that takes his celebrity status from gold to platinum. His first lucky break came with the highly acclaimed film, Good Will Hunting, after which movie offers were rolling in faster than you can say "Ben." Leo does have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and while the Lion is usually conscious of this ability, he becomes self-conscious if the attention is unearned. The media's excessive preoccupation with his romantic life, including his engagement to J. Lo, can take the celebration out of celebrity. A jaded Ben said, "I feel like fame is wasted on me." Perhaps ruminations on wasted celebrity mobilized Ben to figure out what he's passionate about - a great remedy for Leo malaise. Maybe political activism and continued involvement with Project Greenlight (a film production company for aspiring young talent) will help this Lion find his place in the Sun.

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