Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good Reads

I went to Barnes and Noble this evening for one thing. One $12.00 book. Instead, I left with that amount many times over, but I got some good summer reading.

A fabulous book, by one of my favorite designers, Karim Rashid. "design your self: rethinking the way you live, love, work, and play". I first learned of the Rashid brothers from an article in Metropolis magazine several years ago. He has designed bottles for target cleaning products called "Method", you would recognize them if you saw them.

This next book was on Oprah's list of books seen on the show. I dont know alot about general business. I know how to comunicate to someone by drawing or writing, but as for getting the word out, well not so good. Im not really a business person, and perhaps I will not endure a business degree, but I believe that we can educate ourselves to some extent.

On the topic of business: The Big Sister's Gude to the World of Work: The Inside Rules Every Working Girl Must Know. This is one of those books that you pass onto your best friend. Maybe Ill hand it down to my sister when Im done. Who knows.

One for fun: The Damsel in This Dress. It was on the bargain shelves. I havent read much for fun, so maybe at $4.98 it wont be a total loss.

Either way, Ive got some things to keep me busy this summer. Ill have to come back when Im done with one with an update or short book review.

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