Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, Tula!

Happy Birthday to Tula!!!

Today, Tula is officially a year old!

I took off work early today to come home, celebrate and play with her. We were going to go to Petsmart to see the fish and the birds, but instead we went for a walk and enjoyed the nice weather. Some of the neighbors commented on what a big cat she is. She weighs about ten pounds now, but she just looks big because of her long hair.

My sister came by today and brought Cassia (the Calico) and Calyx over to play for a bit and we took some pictures. They are all three from the same litter of kittens, so there were three reasons to celebrate today, really! They were all too excited to really cooperate, but we got a few good shots. Tula got the girls a copy of "Cattitude" so that they can be fabulous felines always. We also threw in a couple of small toys as well.

Here is Tula's baby picture too - she was only a few weeks old here, and awhile before I got her. :)

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