Monday, May 22, 2006


Im a total slacker. I cant get up on time to get to work on time, and I havent posted on my blog in over a week. Here goes.

Last weekend for mothers day, I treated myself to a bouquet of fresh flowers from the local market. They were pink carnations. I might add that Tula has taken a liking to them, and Im finding day by day the remnants of the petals she has chewed away by night.

My best friend graduated last weekend, also the day before Mother's day. I went and stood proud for her as she walked across the stage while they announced her name along with Bachelor of Architecture. Fabulous. Her gift was an Alvar Aalto bowl, an organic shaped piece designed in 1936. It is called the Savoy Vase. I thought it was fitting for her since she will be starting her life soon with a new job down in Dallas at a very hip firm I might add. I thought that would be a lovely addition to her desk, since you know the savoy vase is mildly popular amongst modern collectors right now.

We ended the evening with a feast of the cluck and moo (rotisserie chicken and an 8 oz steak) garnished with mashed potatoes with the red skins in the mix. I recall this meal quite well as its the first time Ive spent such an amount on my own dinner. I guess I should mention I topped it all off with a few perfect margaritas too, oh yes and a nice big slice of key lime pie.

The parents came down to visit this past weekend since my brother had a soccer tournament. 2 games of which his team has won, and a downer just before going home for the weekend. Bummer, but all around they did well. Mom, my sister and I went for pedicures on Saturday afternoon. My feet are officially ready for summer, the time of the year for slacking and taking the time to stop and smell the roses.

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